Thương mại điện tử Odoo sẽ hữu ích như thế nào đối với các phòng khám chăm sóc sức khỏe | CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN PHÁT TRIỂN CÔNG NGHỆ ĐIỆN TỬ MID VIỆT NAM
Thương mại điện tử Odoo sẽ hữu ích như thế nào đối với các phòng khám chăm sóc sức khỏe
14 tháng 6, 2022 bởi
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With the tune of the century to the digitalized era of operation paved by the development of technology and the advancement in telecommunication facilities. Moreover, the entire ideology and the functionality of the business operation are changed to meet the new form of process, which will help the business keep up with the ongoings of the world and the trends of the industry. The use of websites and other online platforms for business operations has helped the business to nurture a newer form of the company where there is a unique platform of the process to put the products and services forward to the customer. Moreover, this is mutually helpful for the business; aside from causing trouble, they can buy the products straight from their homes and deliver them.

The functioning of eCommerce websites and online modes of sales operations that the business can look forward to has improved in number during the recent year and continues in the years to come. During the initial stages when the pandemic hosted the whole world, the business was unable to function normally due to the imposed lockdown worldwide. This was when a significant percentage of companies shifted toward the online methodology of business operations and management. This has helped many businesses survive and thrive towards excellence during the pandemic. A simple eCommerce website for the company will not do the task. The business will need a dedicated solution that will cater to the complete and adequate operations of the company and the situation they have faced up with.

Today there are numerous business management solutions available that can cater to every aspect of the business operation and its management; moreover, these advanced solutions are essential for the functioning of a business with the ever-changing parameters and constraints of functioning. These tools will cater to the complete and practical aspects of the business operations and its management, which will effectively help the business to run the process reliably and efficiently. Enterprise and Resource Planning solutions are a category of business management tools that will help the companies run the operational aspects of the business to be done reliably and efficiently. Numerous solutions are available in the market, falling into the category of ERP tools capable of offering dedicated and complete aspects of business management.

A sector of business where the eCommerce operation is needed in the healthcare industry, and the impact of the pandemic proved the need for online systems to book the tickets and appointments for the vaccination programs across the world. Additionally, in the coming years, the need for an online platform for the operation of the hospitals, clinics, and all other aspects of the healthcare facilities is much needed. All the tools available in the category of business management that will be capable of making the e-Commerce operation will not count for the management of online operations of the healthcare facilities.

This blog will address the capabilities of the Odoo ERP solution in catering to the operational needs of the healthcare clinics.

Odoo is a dedicated business management ERP solution that acts as the complete business management solution capable of managing the entire business management operations from a single platform. The reliable modular infrastructure of the Odoo platform, where the application-specific modules of functions are variable, will help the business run the inner aspects. The dedicated eCommerce management module will help the industry forward the product and services online through the company or dedicated eCommerce website. Let's now move on to understand how the Odoo platform will be helpful for the healthcare clinic business to run the operations effectively.

How can Odoo eCommerce be helpful for the business?

As mentioned earlier, the Odoo platform functions with dedicated application-specific operation modules. The various application-specific modules simultaneously better the business operations and ist management. Moreover, these operations modules are interconnected to provide effective transfer of data and effectiveness of real-time operations, which will be beneficial for the business. Considering the eCommerce management module, which is the sub-modules of the website module of the Odoo platform, functions from the same back end.

Product Representations

The Odoo platform helps with product representation for the business where the products are put forward to the customers in the way the company needs them. The business needs various dignified tools available on the Odoo eCommerce web page that allows the industry to present the product and its accessories in a well-defined manner helping boost sales.  

Take up an appointment online

The eCommerce website allows the business to define the appointments and events of the clinical operation of the medicare facility. The appointments can be provided to the customers who would like one done online. The customers can be informed via text messages and email on the confirmation of the appointments.

Chatbot for customer enquiry

The customer can be provided with a live chatbot where their queries can be answered and connected to the experts to address their concerns based on healthcare. This tool is one of the best business lead generation tools helping to bring in customers based on their needs. Moreover, the Help Desk functionality where the customer can interact with the live consultants and healthcare professionals is also an added advantage for the business.

Social media marketing

The business will be able to promote and market the aspects of the Clinic and its business through various social media platforms integrated into the Odoo platform. These social media platform integrations help the company put the products and services towards the customers first and the reachability will also be higher.

These are the specific aspects that the Odoo platform puts forward regarding the eCommerce operation for the healthcare clinics' operations. In conclusion, with the dedicated eCommerce module of the Odoo platform, the business can run the online sales operation of the company based on its functional needs.

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