Tại sao các doanh nghiệp sản xuất cần công cụ CRM? | CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN PHÁT TRIỂN CÔNG NGHỆ ĐIỆN TỬ MID VIỆT NAM
Tại sao các doanh nghiệp sản xuất cần công cụ CRM?
14 tháng 6, 2022 bởi
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Customer relationships and Management are a priority in any organization. They will pave for the business growth and bring in more and more customers to the organization for their needs.

Today almost every business functions with dedicated CRM tools, which will cater to every aspect of the Customer Relationship Management aspects of the business, such as pursuing the leads or opportunities, following up on them, and turning them into potential customers who will be an asset to the organization. Among the businesses that need a dedicated CRM tool for their operations, the manufacturing and production businesses are the higher priority. As they are the primary form of the business where there are multiple aspects of operations involved in the customer relationship management, dedicated CRM tools functioning are required.

Today numerous solutions offer dedicated and influential Customer Relationship Management aspects for the business. These tools will help with the complete and adequate control of the Customer Relationship Management aspects of the business with dedicated menus and functional operable elements. With the impact, the development of advanced technology and improvement in telecommunications facilities have paved the way for developing various software solutions available in the market today. This led to the development and the creation of different Customer Relationship Management solutions with dedicated functionalities, making one better than the other and changing multiple choices for the business to choose from. With the vast number of solutions available to choose from, the business also has a drawback. They will need to consider all these solutions for selecting the best solution based on the needs of their business operations.

As the business operational software solutions are costlier, there is a burden on investment where the business management will have only one chance to choose the best solution needed. The failure in the effective operation aspects will lead to catastrophic losses. Therefore, the business managers and the owners should undergo a thorough selection and comparison process in choosing the best solutions. However, suppose the entire Customer Relationship Management aspects and the capability to manage the whole business based on the need can be done from a single platform. In that case, it's the best solution that will benefit the business. Odoo is one such solution where there is a dedicated Customer Relationship Management system as well as the capability to manage the entire business.

This blog will describe why the manufacturing business needs Customer Relationship Management tools for their operations.

How do CRM tools benefit Manufacturing and Production establishments?

The need for a Customer Relationship Management system for the business can be seen evidently in the manufacturing enterprises as they function based on the needs of the customer. The more the customer reaches the company, the more profit will be. The dedicated approach of CRM tools to deal with the aspects of promotion of the business and follow up the business opportunities based on the organization's functional needs makes it an essential tool, especially in the manufacturing business. Here is the particular aspect of CRM tools that will provide the insight for the manufacturing business on the need for it:

Integration with Sales and Services

The main aim of the Customer Relationship Management tools is to promote the company and boost sales. With the help of dedicated CRM tools in the business, the customer ordering capability and the potential can predict the future aspects of the business. All CRM tools are integrated with the Sales Teams and department. The opportunities are generated and converted to potential business proposals and customers within a fraction of time.


These CRM tools will help the business acquire business opportunities and lead from multiple sources such as online portals, social media platforms, company websites, retail stores, and form marketing and promotional campaigns. Furthermore, the direct lead generation form for the marketing campaigns and the promotional events conducted comes as an added advantage to the business.

Data Privacy and security

With the CRM operation, the business will be attaining a bunch load of information on the customer, their spending habits, and certain personal information. Therefore, it is the responsibility of Guinness to protect these data at any cost, ensuring that they are not being misused. Dedicated CRM systems such as the CRM module of the Odoo platform will have a hierarchical level of authentication of the employees while dealing with sensitive information uh as customer details./ Moreover, the high layer of security configurations available in these platforms will ensure that the customer data and information are not seen or in access by a third party.

These are certain functional aspects of why the manufacturing business should be using CRM tools for the Customer Relationship Management operation of the company. Let's now move on to the next section, which will describe the capabilities of odoo CRM and describe why it is the best Customer Relationship Management tool for the business.

Why Choose Odoo CRM as the Customer Relationship Management tool for the business?

Odoo is one of the best and most efficient ERP solutions that most businesses need for effective management and operation. The dedicated modular structure of the platform will provide the company with applications of pacific modules of process, which will be helpful for the complete and effective management of the business and its functioning. Due to the modular approach, the CRM module will act as a complete and effective Customer Relationship Management tool that the company can rely on. 

With advanced capabilities and functional tools and options available in the CRM module of the Odoo platform, the business will be able to effectively conduct the Customer Relationship Management aspects of the company, which can be done effectively. To understand in detail why the company should choose the odoo CRM as the Customer Relationship Management Tool, you can read the following blog:

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