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Quản lý doanh nghiệp thủy sản với Odoo 15 ERP
16 tháng 6, 2022 bởi
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Various activities included in the seafood industry are processing, storing, selling, and marketing. Intense coordination is necessary for enterprises to carry out several operations. Managing all operations and work support systems inside a seafood industry isn't easy. Sustainability, slicing efficiency, freshness, and short ordering cycles are common issues. The coordination of stages, including catching, quality check, marketing, transportation, packing, and inventory management, becomes easy with an Odoo ERP's assistance. All the activities are controlled quickly and efficiently when using an Odoo database.

This blog ensures you about the salient features of Odoo 15 for the seafood industry.

One can widen the investors' support in the fish industry using Odoo 15. The supplier can trace the quality and freshness of seafood using an Odoo ERP. Now, let's see the features of Odoo 15 related to the seafood industry.

Easy to Manage Manufacturing Order

One of the critical highlights of Odoo is manufacturing order management. It is easy to deal with customers' manufacturing of fish products and their orders using the Odoo 15 Manufacturing module. This module assists in planning work orders by production or manufacturing and creates new work centers for your product manufacturing. You can generate a work center for your seafood industry by selecting the Work Centers menu in the Configuration tab. In the Work Centers window, add the Work Center Name, Company, and Tag. Later, choose the Working Hours as depicted in the screenshot below. 

Inside the General Information tab, we can access the Product Information, Description, and Costing Information details. The expected duration for a work order can be added in the Time Efficiency field and the maximum number of pieces produced in the Capacity field. You can also set OEE Target in percentage and Setup or Cleanup Time for products in minutes. Moreover, add the work center cost per hour inside the Cost per hour field and choose your Analytic Account. After that, click on the SAVE icon to produce a work center, 'Fish Unit 1'.

We can plan manufacturing orders from the Work Center Overview window for the respective work center. Click on the PLAN ORDERS icon inside your created work center, as depicted in the screenshot below.

Users can enter the Product Name, Quantity, and Company in the Manufacturing Order window. It is possible to add products inside the Components tab. As displayed in the screenshot below, we can SAVE and CONFIRM the manufacturing order easily for your seafood industry.

Develop Bills of Materials for Products

We can generate Bills of Materials for commodities in the seafood industry using the Odoo 15 Manufacturing module. Select Bills of Materials in the Products tab and choose the CREATE icon. In the new window, we can select Product and Quantity. You can pick up BoM Type as Kit, Subcontracting, or Manufacturing this product. For manufacturing your product, set the BoM Type as Manufacturing this product, and we can divide the products into different components by choosing the BoM Type as Kit. Users can add subcontractors for a product by selecting BoM Type as Subcontracting. Select the SAVE button after adding the details needed for the BoM of material, as shown in the screenshot below.

Ensure the Quality Check of Materials

Quality control measures are essential for the seafood industry to evaluate the performance of products. We can check the proper quality of fish processing at various stages using the Odoo 15 Quality module. Select the Quality Checks menu in the Quality Control tab and select the CREATE icon, as denoted in the screenshot below.

Users can add the product in the new Quality Check window and select the Picking location or Team. Later, we can choose the Company, Production Order, and Control Point. Users can enter additional remarks regarding the quality check of the product inside the Notes tab, as portrayed in the screenshot below.

You can SAVE the details after specifying all information about product quality checks. It is easy to develop Lots/Serial Numbers for tracking products quickly. We can quickly generate Serial numbers for commodities in a seafood company with Odoo 15. Choose the Lot/Serial Numbers menu in the Products tab and select the CREATE icon, as depicted in the screenshot below.

You can add a unique Serial Number, Product, and Company on the new page. After that, we can apply a note regarding the product's serial number inside the Description tab and click on the SAVE icon, as in the screenshot below.

Hence, it is easy to track the location of your product using the Lot/Serial Numbers. We can improve customer relations based on timely correction of product quality in the seafood industry.

Easy to Develop Sales Orders and manage it with Sales Team

Users can maintain Sales orders of products in the seafood industry with the help of the Odoo 15 Sales module, and you can sign several orders for specific teams. For generating a new Sales order, select the Orders menu in the Orders tab and click on the CREATE icon as depicted in the screenshot below.

Here, you can see the list of all created Sales orders in your company. It shows the data such as Order Date, Invoice Status, Number, Salesperson, Total and other aspects. A new page is displayed before you after selecting the CREATE icon. Choose your Customer in the new window, and the Invoice/Delivery Address is automatically visible after selecting the Customer. Select your product by clicking on the Add a Product option inside the Order Lines tab, as illustrated below.

After saving the data, you can affirm it by clicking on CONFIRM icon as in the screenshot below.

We can formulate sales teams to deliver sales orders in the seafood industry. For that, click the Sales Team menu in the Configuration tab, and all the Sales Team in your database are visible here, as denoted in the screenshot below.

Select the CREATE icon to produce a new Sales Team for your company. Add the Sales Team name and Team Details on the new page. Inside the Team Details section, you can choose Team Leader, Company, and Invoicing Target as revenue targets for the current month. Accept Emails From assist to post a message on a document, and you can choose it from the dropdown menu. Users can apply individuals to a Sales Team by clicking on the ADD icon inside the Members tab and clicking on the SAVE icon, as displayed in the screenshot below.

We can manage various operations in the seafood industry using an Odoo ERP. It is easy to manage Sales orders, Bills of Materials, and other Manufacturing procedures in the fish industry with the Odoo 15. Business growth and planning improvise with the support of Odoo ERP software. Check out the given below blog to understand the role of Odoo ERP in the seafood industry

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