Vai trò của việc quản lý bán hàng theo đội như thế nào?
What is the role of team sales management?
26 January, 2024 bởi
Phạm Thị Thúy
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The sales team in Odoo plays an important role in the sales and customer management process of a business. They are the people responsible for direct contact with customers, identifying their needs and ensuring that the business's products or services are sold successfully.

One of Odoo's key features is the ability to manage the sales process from when a prospect contacts you until the transaction is completed. Sales teams can use Odoo to manage customer information, create quotes, place orders, and track transaction progress.

Odoo provides tools to manage customer lists, their contact information and purchase history. This helps sales teams track and engage with customers effectively, from taking notes on calls and meetings, to sending emails and notifications.

Besides, Odoo also provides quote creation and ordering features. Sales teams can create quotes directly from the system, specifying prices and delivery conditions. Once a quote is accepted, they can convert it into an order and track the delivery process from start to finish.

Through Odoo, sales teams can track their sales activities, including viewing the number of quotes created, the number of orders placed, and sales made. This helps them evaluate individual and team performance and find ways to improve the sales process and achieve sales goals.

In short, the sales team in Odoo plays an important role in managing the sales process and customer management. Odoo provides tools and features to support sales teams in interacting with customers, creating quotes, placing orders, and tracking the transaction process. With Odoo, businesses can optimize the sales process and achieve higher performance in business operations.

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