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Product Variation Management in Odoo: Optimize the sales process and inventory management
25 January, 2024 bởi
Phạm Thị Thúy
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Odoo is a powerful integrated business management platform that offers many useful features for managing products and manufacturing processes. In Odoo, product variation management is an important feature that helps optimize production processes and warehouse management..

Product variations are used to manage products with many different variations such as size, color, etc. Allows product management by product model (for variant models) and product variation (for Product attributes: color, size, ...)

- Barcodes: Numbers and barcodes are assigned to a specific variation, not to the sample. Each variant has its own unique code and SKU number.

- Price: Each product variation has its own selling price, calculated based on the formula: Price of sample product + additional fees. However, you can also define your own pricing rules that can be applied across product models or variations.

- Images: Each product variation can have an image.

- Other fields: Usually applied to product samples. If you update any additional fields for a product model, it will automatically update for all variations of that product model. (eg: Taxes, debt accounts)- Inventory: Inventory is quantity managed according to specific product variation. For example, you cannot know how many t-shirts you have, only that you have “t-shirts, M, Blue” or “t-shirts, S, red”.

When should you use product variations?
Use variations that affect:

- E-commerce: When buying online, customers only see product samples in the product category page. But when they click on a product, they will have many choices in different variations (color, size, ...)

- Manufacturing: Using variations allows defining not only a bill of materials for a product model but also slight variations for several other variations..

For example: Instead of creating a bill of material for “T-shirt, red, S”, you can create a bill of material for “T-shirt” and add a bill of materials for size S and 1 line for Red color

- Calculate cost: The default price of a product is calculated according to the price of the product model plus the price incurred on each variation. This way, variant prices are easily calculated even if you don't set prices for each variant. However, you can also create price list rules to fix prices per variation.

Integrating product variants with other modules in Odoo is also an important benefit. You can associate product variants with sales, accounting, and customer management modules. This helps you have a comprehensive view of business operations and make management easier.

However, using product variations in Odoo also poses some challenges. You'll need knowledge of how to create and manage product variations, as well as customize this feature to suit your business needs.

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