Top 5 Paid Apps in Odoo
13 June, 2022 bởi
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Odoo is an open-source interface supported by various applications that are interlinked to each other. Upon installing odoo one may come upon certain applications that are in build in the software. These are the applications one needs to set up the ERP. From the list of applications, the user can download apps on which some of them are paid and some are unpaid. Most of the paid apps are customized and are needed for specific users. The unpaid applications have a common interface as they can be enabled or disabled upon the need of the user. 

1. Dynamic Financial reports

The new accounting support application by Cybrosys Techno Solutions which will simplify the generation and presentation of reports. With this application your financial data let it be your profit or loss data or your balance sheet will look easy to understand and accessible to all in much more clarity. One can publish the data in a portrait as well as in landscape mode where he/she can customize the margins and variables on each side of the sheet. Moreover one can select an account where we can go deep down to the main report and the journal entities associated with it. Additionally the form view of each journal is accessible directly. The application is available in odoo versions v13.0, v12.0, v11.0, and v10.0

Download App

v13: Dynamic Financial Reports v13

v12: Dynamic Financial Reports v12

v11: Dynamic Financial Reports v11

v10: Dynamic Financial Reports v10

2. Gantt View

Unorganized and scattered reports of a journal can degrade the workflow and time-consuming in analyzing one. But the new Gannt view application from Cybrosys Techno Solutions can minimize your problems and make you much more productive. In the Gantt view one can group similar records ( called the child report) under a single parent record which can be customized according to the user. The progress on the child record is depicted along with the parent record. Moreover the user can make modifications in the date duration by a simple drag and drop. Additionally the changes made also get depicted in the backend as well. A Simple reload on the parent record would depict the changes made in the child record. The data can be viewed in five different modes such as 'Quarter Day', 'Half Day', 'Day', 'Week', and 'Month'. The application is available in odoo versions v13.0, v12.0, and v11.0

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v13: Gantt View v13

v12: Gantt View v12

v11: Gantt View v11

3. Odoo Magento-2.3 Connector

Magento which is a commonly used ERP and e-commerce platform has its limitations and a user palling to upgrade to odoo and keep running their institution in Magento based platform and using odoo for advanced operations will face the issue of configuring the data from both platforms. This is where the new application Odoo Magento-2.3 Connector Cybrosys Techno Solutions comes into account. This will help the user to synchronize the data from odoo and Magento and vice versa. Installing this application the exchange of data can be done in the click of a button. A simple access token from Magento can sync your data with odoo. The application is available in odoo versions v13.0, v12.0, and v11.0

The application can perform the following functions:

    - Import products from Magento.

    - Import product attributes.

    - Import product attribute values.

    - Import product categories.

    - Import product images.

    - Export products to Magento.

    - Import stock status and price for products.

    - Export stock status and price for products.

    - Import customers.

    - Import orders with status from Magento to Odoo.

    - Update orders status.

    - Import Taxes

    - Import Invoices

Download App

v13: Odoo Magento-2.3 Connector v13

v12: Odoo Magento-2.3 Connector v12

v11: Odoo Magento-2.3 Connector v11

4. Accounting Report Excel

Generating reports and documents in the required file format come in as rare salient features to certain applications not basic ones. Earlier the reports were generated in PDF formats that were accessible to the end-user. Those days are over as with the new application Accounting Report Excel from Cybrosys Techno Solutions will help you in generating reports such as Partner Ledger, General Ledger, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, and Aged Partner Balance in xlsx format (Microsoft Excel). Moreover this application provides stress-free accounting along with high productivity. The user will have easy accessibility to reports and they can also download and print them easily. The application is available in odoo versions v13.0, v12.0, and v11.0

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v13: Accounting Report Excel v13

v12: Accounting Report Excel v12

v11: Accounting Report Excel v11

5. CRM Dashboard

Customer relationship management is the most important attribute of an institution as it would develop the business as well as generate possible customers and keep them on track. The CRM module in odoo provides all the information along with the new CRM Dashboard from Cybrosys techno solutions that can provide a visualization of the customer relation entities making it easily accessible and understandable. Moreover the dashboard provides a visual interface with the help of charts and graphs such as Leads, Opportunities, Win/Loss Ratio, Generated Revenue, or the Average Deal Size. Additionally this dashboard acts as an essential tool for delivering real-time information and allows its employees to easily access your leads and pipeline. The application is only available in odoo versions v12.0 and v11.0

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v12: CRM Dashboard v12

v11: CRM Dashboard v11

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