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How to Import Goods into Warehouse in Odoo: Simple and Effective Process
6 February, 2024 bởi
Phạm Thị Thúy
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When doing business, importing goods into the warehouse is an indispensable part of the daily operating process. Odoo, with its powerful warehouse management module, provides a simple yet effective stock import process. Below are instructions on how to perform the warehouse import process in Odoo.

Step 1: Access the Warehouse Module​

First, after logging into the Odoo system, you need to access the "Warehouse" module from the main menu. Here, you will see all the features and functions related to your warehouse management.

Step 2: Create Goods Receipt​
At the Warehouse interface, you will see an option "Import Goods" or "Import Order". Click on it to create a new goods receipt. In this form, you need to enter necessary information such as supplier, import date, and goods details such as name, product code, quantity, price, etc.

Step 3: Select Receiving Warehouse​

During the import process, you need to specify a receiving warehouse. Odoo allows you to manage multiple warehouses and choose the appropriate warehouse to import goods into.

Step 4: Confirm and Save​

After filling in all the information, you need to confirm the receipt and save it. The system will automatically update inventory quantity after successfully importing goods.

Step 5: Check and Process Orders​
After successfully importing goods, you can review the information and process the order such as printing invoices, sending notifications to suppliers, or continue with other business processes such as sales.

Benefits of the Import Process in Odoo​

Comprehensiveness: Odoo's warehousing process allows you to manage the entire process from ordering to stocking with ease.

Organizational Optimization: You can organize goods, manage suppliers, and track order status effectively.

Save Time: Smart import process saves your time and effort, from creating goods receipts to updating inventory.

With the simple and efficient import process in Odoo, your warehouse management and operations will become more powerful and efficient than ever. Odoo is not only a warehouse management solution, but also a perfect support tool for businesses that want to achieve accuracy and efficiency in every aspect of business operations.

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