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Deploying ERP comprehensive business management software for Vinh Oanh Co., Ltd. (Vinh Oanh Glass)
2 August, 2023 bởi
Phạm Thị Thúy
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Deploying ERP comprehensive business management software for Vinh Oanh Co., Ltd. (Vinh Oanh Glass)

In the current era of technology 4.0, the application of information technology solutions is an indispensable thing for businesses, helping to enhance productivity, operational efficiency, and seize competitive opportunities. In this post, we will learn about the implementation of ERP comprehensive business management software for Vinh Oanh Co., Ltd. - one of the leading enterprises in the field of glass processing.

About Vinh Oanh Company Limited (Vinh Oanh Glass):

Vinh Oanh Glass Co., Ltd. (Vinh Oanh Glass) is a specialist in manufacturing high quality glass products, including new generation high-quality silver coated mirrors, new generation aluminum coated mirrors, tempered glass, safety laminated glass, soundproof - heat-insulated box glass, energy-saving glass, fire prevention glass and many other types of glass products. With more than 10 years of operation in the industry, Vinh Oanh Glass has built a solid reputation and absolute trust from customers.

Challenges and Advantages of ERP implementation for Vinh Oanh Glass

In the process of business development and expansion, Vinh Oanh Glass has faced many challenges, such as:

Data dispersion: The company's management information is dispersed in many different departments, making it difficult to monitor and evaluate the overall performance of the business.

Non-optimal business processes: The lack of information and manual work in the company's departments cause low productivity and increase the risk of errors.

Incompatibility between systems: The company is using different software systems for each department, resulting in difficulties in sharing data and calculating overall efficiency.

However, implementing ERP comprehensive business management software will bring Vinh Oanh Glass the following important advantages:

Data integration: ERP helps gather and synthesize data from all departments into a single system, helping managers have a comprehensive view of the business's operations.

Business process optimization: ERP supports the automation of workflows, from invoicing, warehouse management, to human resource management, helping to enhance work efficiency and minimize errors.

Increased agility: Thanks to data integration, companies can easily customize and adapt business processes to changing market and business needs.

ERP implementation process for Vinh Oanh Glass

Information gathering and analysis: The team of experts will conduct careful research on the current business process of Vinh Oanh Glass to understand the needs and desires of the company.

Customization and configuration: Based on the information collected, ERP software will be customized and configured in accordance with the needs and processes of Vinh Oanh Glass.

Deployment and testing: After customization is complete, the ERP implementation process will be conducted along with testing steps to ensure the stability and efficiency of the system.

Employee training: Vinh Oanh Glass' staff will be trained on the use and utilization of the new ERP system.

Post-deployment support: The company provides post-deployment support services to solve any problems that arise and ensure stable operation of the system.


The implementation of ERP comprehensive business management software for Vinh Oanh Co., Ltd. (Vinh Oanh Glass) will be a big step forward to help the company optimize operational efficiency, enhance productivity and compete in the market. This investment in information technology not only benefits businesses but also helps improve the quality and diversify glass products of Vinh Oanh Glass.

Hopefully the information in this post has helped you better understand ERP implementation for a manufacturing business like Vinh Oanh Glass. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us:

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