Deploying Enterprise Management Software at Than Na Duong - VVMI Company
Deploying Enterprise Management Software at Na Duong Coal - VVMI Company
29 August, 2023 bởi
Hoàng Hồng Vân
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We cannot ignore the continuous changes in the business environment, particularly in this era of robust digitalization. To overcome these challenges and establish sustainable competitiveness, the deployment of enterprise management software is a critical step that every business must earnestly consider.

Located in TT. Na Duong, Loc Binh, Lang Son, Na Duong Coal - VVMI Company has made a strong decision to implement enterprise management software to enhance management capabilities and optimize business operations.

The enterprise management software that this company has deployed is not just a tool, but also a comprehensive response to various aspects of business operations. Comprising a series of modules customized based on the specific requirements of the company, this software ensures that every aspect, from personnel management to production, is synchronized, efficient, and easily traceable.

Document Management and Document Control Module: Managing documents is a crucial element to ensure information is securely stored and easily accessible. With this module, the company is capable of effectively managing documents, files, and information, thus optimizing workflows and information retrieval.

Attendance Tracking and Human Resource Management Module: Managing personnel and attendance is essential to ensure work efficiency and accurate payroll processing. This module allows the company to monitor attendance, leaves, and easily manage employee-related information.

Production Orders and Production Output Reporting Module: With this module, the company gains the ability to optimize production processes and monitor daily production output. Production and fuel reports aid in evaluating performance and optimizing resource utilization.

Shift Handover and Performance Evaluation Module: Managing shift handovers and performance evaluations enhance transparency and employee performance measurement. Additionally, it encourages employees to work diligently and achieve set goals.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Automatic Trip Logging Module: Critical performance indicators (KPIs) aid in measuring business operations from various angles. Automatic trip logging efficiently tracks transportation and service management.

With the successful deployment of this enterprise management software, Na Duong Coal - VVMI Company has achieved significant process improvements, bolstered management capabilities, and enhanced operational efficiency. Through this deployment process, the company has demonstrated a commitment to innovation and increased performance in an increasingly competitive business environment.

Make use of the utility offered by modules such as document control, document management, attendance tracking, production orders, production output reporting, personnel management, and other aspects to steer your business toward a more efficient future.

We are delighted to accompany you on the journey towards efficiency and development. For all inquiries related to our services and products, please contact:

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